No one will hire a CPC-A, or a coder without experience? Think again

By Brian Murphy


“Nobody will hire a CPC-A.” “Nobody will hire without experience.”


My recent guest on Off the Record, Revka Stearns, describes these oft-expressed statements as not factual. And rightly so.


If they were, no one new would ever be hired. Which of course cannot be the case, and is not the case, for coding or any other profession.


But that doesn’t make breaking into coding or CDI easy. That doesn’t mean I don’t have sympathy for first-time job seekers in all professions (I was a first-time job seeker myself, we all were, we all have experienced rejection).


Revka offers job seekers some GREAT ideas to land that difficult first job. And not just advice from afar, but from having just done it. When we recorded she was in I believe her second week on the job, which she finally got after sending out 150 applications and sitting through more than a dozen phone screens.


If you’re having difficulty breaking into coding (or CDI, or some other revenue-cycle adjacent role), listen to the full episode below. I guarantee you’ll not only be jotting down notes and creating a personal roadmap, but receive the inspiration you need to keep going.


Until you do land that first job. Because if you’re persistent enough,  and organized, and flexible, you will.


Watch the video clip and then tune in to the full episode at the link below.


I’m also including a link to an additional article I wrote on this topic you might find helpful. 




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