Keeping Credentials (and your career) Current, with the Medical Coding Geek

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Having worked in and around medical coding and CDI for almost 20 years, I can say for certain that few topics vex coders and CDI professionals more than the dreaded recertification process.

Credential maintenance. CEUs. CEU fees. Conference CEU codes. Certificates. On and on. It’s a cottage industry unto itself. It can be frustrating and confusing, and if you’re not on top of it, costly. In my ACDIS days we had folks lapse, despite our generous grace periods. They still do.

Few things get folks more fired up than this. So, I wanted to get someone on the podcast who both understands the process deeply, and dedicated a portion of his career to making it easier.

Who better than the (self-described) Medical Coding Geek himself, Brian Cui?

Brian is the founder and owner of Medical Coding Geek, a platform that promotes and supports the medical coding, HIM, and CDI community. He creates and hosts educational and engaging content, including the Not Elsewhere Classified podcast, the Medical Coding Geek YouTube channel, and several Facebook groups.

On this show we cover:

  • Brian’s background and path into medical coding, CDI, and current role as an auditor for Cotiviti
  • What he finds most challenging about recertification
  • What newly credentialed folks get wrong about recertification and credential maintenance
  • Important recent changes to recert requirements, including the recent controversial AHIMA proposal to require more CEUs come from national
  • Free resources many people overlook, including his own CEU HIT list
  • Advice on getting financial support from your employer
  • Being a good coder/CDI professional, work-life balance, and growing your career


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