Grow Your Mid-Revenue Cycle Career by Building Your Skillset

By Brian Murphy

Build skills. Because you never know where they might take you, or where you’ll want to go.

Even if you’re happy today, you don’t know what tomorrow may bring. But with a strong set of transferrable skills, your options are open.

Over time we can get complacent, burned out. Your job may be eliminated or downsized by forces beyond your control. But there are always options, if you have a good set of skills.

Here’s my example.

From 1997-2004 I was a sports editor at a small daily newspaper. It was a fun job, but I left because I could see forces conspiring against my line of work (aka., the internet). Our circulation started to fall, ad revenue slipped, and my job was potentially at risk. I had also capped out my earnings, had one daughter and another on the way. It was time to move on.

I took a job with a healthcare publishing company. Which I landed because I had developed writing and interviewing skills.

Once I had that job I began acquiring new skills. Public speaking, from moderating webinars. Management, from running a small team. I learned about how the U.S. healthcare system operates, specifically Medicare and medical coding.

Those skills allowed me to run ACDIS.

I left in 2022 to start over again, once more, as Branding Director for Norwood. Where I’ve learned how to launch a podcast from scratch, use Canva to create art, and work with freelance designers.

Could I ever have imagined this would be my path when I was a goofy 18 year-old? Hell no.

At age 29 I didn’t know what a medical code was.

At age 48 I had never worked in marketing or branding.

You can learn at any age, at any point in your career.

If you’re a coder or a CDI professional who wants to branch out and acquire the right skills, you could land a job like mine.

If that has no appeal, the proof of what is possible is all around you.

Look at Victoria Moll, who started Contempo Coder. Robert Oubre, who developed e-learning courses for physicians. Kelly Sutton, who is now an educator and boot camp instructor with ACDIS. Our own Crystal May, who is a consultant on our risk adjustment team and a budding author.

You could work for a software company or a staffing agency. You could be an educator or an auditor. Or you could become an entrepreneur or go into business for yourself.

You have more options than you realize.

You just need to build skills.

Do this, and your career can take you to very unexpected places.

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