“Bermuda triangle” of Medicare Advantage scrutiny signals alarm bells: Get your risk adjustment house in order 

medicare advantage

By Jason Jobes Is healthcare prepared to sustain the onslaught of changes to Medicare Advantage payments? How will it impact the industry? How does it impact you? At the beginning of this month I attended the RISE conference, which serves a community of established and emerging leaders in the Medicare Advantage and managed care space.…

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Telehealth: Unrecognized CDI/coding Opportunity


By Brian Murphy Telehealth is in the news again, not all of it good. Below is a piece on Teladoc, which appears to be on the ropes after suffering a historic ($13.7B) loss in 2022. But before we declare this service dead, let’s review where we are. I believe that telehealth has its place in…

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CDI Suggestion: Start your reviews off right with ED/EMS Notes


By Brian Murphy There is no one true way to perform a review of the health record. Some CDI specialists prefer to start with the history and physical before beginning, often 24-48 hours post-admit until significant documentation has been generated. Others want to start immediately after admission with a review of the ED record. Regardless…

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Norwood welcomes CDI expert Deanne Wilk to Solutions team

deanne wilk

We’d like to welcome the latest edition to our Norwood Solutions team… Deanne Wilk! If you’ve been involved in ACDIS and/or the CDI profession over the last decade, odds are you’ve seen Deanne. She served on the ACDIS advisory board (2017-2020) where she helped develop industry guidance and white papers. If you haven’t seen her…

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ChatGPT, problem lists, and Recovery Auditors… oh my!

Three CDI and coding related thoughts …   A dark vision of ChatGPT. In case you’ve been living under a rock, there’s a new AI-powered program called ChatGPT that can generate readable (perhaps good? At least usually quite understandable) copy from prompts entered by a human user. This development has generated angst and anxiety, but…

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