Audit Provider Documentation to Ensure Accurate Risk Adjustment

risk adjustment

Norwood performs CMS compliance-level audits for its partner organizations. These audits involve: Evaluation of provider documentation Review of billed codes Determining whether codes are supported in the documentation Evaluating code accuracy Determining whether a higher (or lower) degree of specificity is warranted Following these steps, we compile the results into a detailed summary of the…

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Outpatient CDI Specialists (especially with CCDS-O certification) Are in Demand

cdi specialists

By Brian Murphy Where are all the CCDS-Os? That’s Certified Clinical Documentation Specialist—Outpatient. Outpatient CDI and risk adjustment are exploding. I know this because our clients are building and expanding their programs, and on the hunt for individuals possessing this rare credential. Of which there’s only a few hundred operating in the wild. You want…

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Getting Comfortable With Risk: A Conversation with Crystal May

off the record

Listen to the episode here: It’s often been said that the only constant in life is change. And the mid-revenue cycle is no exception. As new regulations emerge and new technologies develop, professions get radically transformed—or even erased altogether. The antidote is a commitment to lifelong learning, and embracing the discomfort that accompanies growth.…

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Start Your Journey with the Norwood Outpatient CDI Boot Camp

Our campers are all smiles.   To learn more or schedule a call contact us at Download the brochure here. Risk adjustment is a team sport. Accurately depicting the complexity of a broad patient population across your organization requires contributions from patient registration to providers—and everyone in between, including well-trained risk adjustment coding and…

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Solutions Spotlight: OIG Toolkit a Valuable Blueprint for Risk Adjustment Coding Compliance

coding compliance

By Brian Murphy The OIG Toolkit To Help Decrease Improper Payments in Medicare Advantage Through the Identification of High-Risk Diagnosis Codes is a valuable tool in your compliance arsenal. One you should be using if you’re at all involved with risk adjustment. What is the Toolkit? The toolkit offers Medicare Advantage Organizations (MAO) information that…

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Five Emerging Mid-Revenue Cycle Roles

medical coder

By Brian Murphy New job functions will be needed to meet the changing nature of healthcare delivery and reimbursement. And soon. Here are five. These are my predictions but I feel good about them. Note: Many/most of these exist in some form or fashion now, but I believe the demand will grow, and explain why.…

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