Annual Wellness Visits: Heart of a value-based CDI program

Once you’ve put in the considerable legwork to get your value-based/ambulatory CDI program approved, and you’re ready to begin, where do you start? As noted in our previous article in this series, we recommend you start small. A great way to begin is with a prospective review of patients coming in for their Annual Wellness…

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Five Steps to get Started in Outpatient CDI

outpatient cdi

By Brian Murphy If you’re a CDI leader or HIM director, odds are there’s a voice ratting around in your head somewhere: I need an outpatient CDI program. These days, such thoughts are not a surprise. According to recent ACDIS survey data, only 20.6% of organizations have a standalone outpatient CDI program, but another 22%…

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You Need a Pediatric CDI Program – Here’s Why 


By Brian Murphy   The pediatric population is not just little adults. Not clinically, and not when it comes to CDI and coding. Think about the extended long lengths of stay in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) that can range from >128 days due to extreme prematurity, or occasionally up to 2 years, where…

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Grow You: Expand your career horizons with these three hot jobs in CDI—and a leadership mindset


CDI is a booming profession, with organizations across the country hiring for open positions. But many are stuck in the mindset that the only available options are front-line chart reviewers, or managers/directors who oversee them. The reality is that the last several years have seen incredible diversification of the CDI role, which means more job…

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What is Value-Based CDI?

By Brian Murphy Value-based healthcare is a delivery model in which providers (i.e., hospitals and physicians) are rewarded for the quality of care they provide. It is perhaps easiest to understand when contrasted with traditional fee-for-service delivery models. Fee-for-service reimbursement models reward volume. For example, physicians are paid per office visit through submission of E&M…

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Will AI Replace CDI Professionals?

In Clinical Documentation Integrity, a primary focus is which technology is the most beneficial – Natural Language Processing (NLP) or a deeper learning Artificial Intelligence (AI). There are different avenues healthcare systems can take when determining how to structure the technology needs for CDI programs. Consider if you want the assistance from information already written…

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Tomato or Tomahto?


We have a saying in CDI, “words matter”, and it is absolutely true. Over the years I have learned a valuable lesson – words have different meanings dependent on setting and audience. This may seem intuitive, but I had never thought of it happening within a healthcare setting, where in my mind, we all think…

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Nurse-Led CDI?


Our CDI model at Norwood is Nurse-Led, Physician-Sensitive, Coding-Supported, and Patient-Centered. I’ve been asked about this a few times – as I believe we are the only program that explicitly states “nurse-led”. Most outpatient CDI programs are physician-led. I completely understand and respect this as healthcare has traditionally been led by physicians. Over the last…

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