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You Need a Pediatric CDI Program – Here’s Why 

By Brian Murphy   The pediatric population is not just little adults. Not clinically, and not when it comes to CDI and coding. Think about…

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Grow You: Expand your career horizons with these three hot jobs in CDI—and a leadership mindset

CDI is a booming profession, with organizations across the country hiring for open positions. But many are stuck in the mindset that the only available…

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What is Value-Based CDI?

By Brian Murphy Value-based healthcare is a delivery model in which providers (i.e., hospitals and physicians) are rewarded for the quality of care they provide….

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Will AI Replace CDI Professionals?

In Clinical Documentation Integrity, a primary focus is which technology is the most beneficial – Natural Language Processing (NLP) or a deeper learning Artificial Intelligence…

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CAUTION: Construction Ahead! Building a Sustainable CDI Program

Many wish to start and lead a successful CDI program. More than not, they have been tasked to do so without defined steps. The problem…

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