Getting Comfortable With Risk: A Conversation with Crystal May

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It’s often been said that the only constant in life is change. And the mid-revenue cycle is no exception.

As new regulations emerge and new technologies develop, professions get radically transformed—or even erased altogether. The antidote is a commitment to lifelong learning, and embracing the discomfort that accompanies growth.

That describes the mindset of Crystal May, my colleague and a Risk Adjustment Consultant for Norwood.

This program was originally broadcast as a webinar interview but was just too good not to share with a broader audience. So I’m pleased to publish it on the podcast.

On this show we discuss:

  • Crystal’s unique career path that began in transcription, profee coding, and ultimately risk adjustment
  • Her current work including audits of organizational documentation and code assignments
  • Common documentation and coding pitfalls (strokes are a major source of error—hear why)
  • How organizations can use findings from audits to drive continuous learning and improvement
  • MEAT criteria—examples of adequate MEAT criteria (and what happens if you’re MEAT-less)?
  • Getting comfortable with discomfort to grow your skillset and insulate yourself from industry layoffs
  • Our joint heavy metal obsession and recommended bands

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