Walking the leadership tightrope: Meet Sheri Blanchard, Senior Director of CDE, Orlando Health

To be an effective leader you have to have a vision and be willing to implement changes that disrupt the status quo.

But you also have to involve your team, and use diplomacy to obtain buy-in. In short, be a team player with a little bit of swagger.

It’s a delicate dance, but it describes the tightrope Sheri Blanchard, Senior Director of Clinical Documentation Excellence and Revenue Management, had to walk.

And she did so skillfully. After taking over the Clinical Documentation Excellence program at Orlando Health in 2018 as a new leader Blanchard put her own unique stamp on the program–all the while recognizing her team is everything, and involving them at each step.

On this show we cover:

  • The Clinical Documentation Excellence (CDE) program at Orlando Health.
  • Arriving at the organization as a new face in 2018, seeking to make change
  • A day in the life of a busy senior CDI director covering 11 facilities
  • Orlando Health’s unique DRG reconciliation process, which includes a dedicated resource and final assignment authority given to CDI
  • Out of the box CDI work including monitoring long LOS patients and patients that flip to observation
  • Advice for new CDI leaders
  • The most metal entries on the OTR playlist to date (Sheri likes AC/DC, GNR, etc., which automatically makes her cool in my book)

Listen to the episode here: https://spotifyanchor-web.app.link/e/RZtHmIn1SBb

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