Talking tech, CAPD with Intermountain Health’s Kory Anderson

Technology. I’m of a mixed mind.

Broadly, I think technology is a blessing for humanity. It saves lives. In my small corner of the world I interview guests from across the nation over Zoom, and deliver the final product via the magic of podcast.

That may or may not be a blessing depending on your opinion of Off the Record. But it goes to show you its reach and impact.

But it also strikes me as naive to paint technology as a universal good. Does anyone think smartphones and social media wars have unambiguously improved the country, or how we communicate as a species? How about ransomware and AI hallucinations?

One thing that is true: Love it or hate it, technology is here to stay. And is increasingly ubiquitous, ever more powerful, and something we cannot work without.

I wanted to talk to someone whose organization is a heavy tech user. Not a vendor representative, but a customer. To get a more objective look at some of the tech we’re using in CDI and coding.

Joining me for this episode is Kory Anderson, Medical Director of Physician Advisor Services, CDI, & Quality, and Enterprise Medical Staff President at Salt Lake City, Utah based Intermountain Health. It’s an organization I consider very tech forward.

On this show we cover:

  • His role at Intermountain, a “day in the life” of Kory Anderson
  • Intermountain’s CDI/coding tech stack, with a focus on computer assisted physician documentation (CAPD). Impact on MD practice and CDI metrics and out of the box use cases.
  • How smart is current tech? Does it weaken critical thinking, or will it replace CDI and coding professionals?
  • The drawbacks/limitations that vendors don’t tell you about. What can’t it do, and where it still falls short.
  • Intermountain’s ongoing merger with SCL Health, a big obstacle of which includes a migration from Cerner to EPIC
  • A cool new addition to the OTR Spotify playlist

Listen to the full episode here:

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