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If you have an outpatient CDI program, or are hoping to take flight into risk adjustment and value-based care, Owl by Norwood is the software solution you’re looking for.

Owl by Norwood sits on top of your EMR and provides all the basic tracking functions a CDI or coding director could ask for, in an easy-to-understand dashboard and interface.

Benefits include: 

  • Improved accuracy of patient complexity and risk adjustment factor (RAF) scores
  • Enhanced patient scheduling and CDI chart review coverage
  • ROI and impact calculations in a user-friendly dashboard

Keep an Eye on Risk Adjustment Revenue

Moving the risk adjustment reimbursement needle in a value-based care contract requires you to:

  1. Decrease patient utilization of services; or
  2. Compliantly capture all chronic conditions

Owl by Norwood helps directly with no. 2 by helping risk adjustment coders and outpatient CDI professionals capture conditions that directly impact CMS-HCC assignment. How? With a superior workflow and query tracking.

Owl by Norwood also helps with scheduling, getting patients in to be seen and treated in less expensive settings and their chronic conditions addressed before they become acute and require inpatient hospitalization.

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A Wise (and low) Price

Owl by Norwood costs less than what you’d pay for a single FTE’s annual salary.* And with the time you’ll save creating cumbersome excel reports and manually tracking risk adjustment factor (RAF) impact and staff productivity, you’ll be free to:

  • Use your analyst’s valuable time elsewhere
  • Focus your time on more important tasks, including staff management and program optimization and expansion

Owl by Norwood can take less than 10 hours to get up and running. In 1-2 weeks you can scale it across your organization. So you’ll save time (and money) on the front end, too.

*Pricing based on number of users. Further discounts available if implemented in conjunction with consulting or managed services. 

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