Norwood Announces Collaboration with Iodine to Optimize Mid-Revenue Cycle Operations

Partnership announcement

Norwood partners with Iodine

Norwood Announces Collaboration with Iodine to Optimize Mid-Revenue Cycle Operations

Norwood and Iodine Software have teamed up to supercharge mid-revenue cycle operations for health systems. The goal of this partnership? Empowering customers to amp up efficiency, streamline workflows, and capture all the reimbursement they’ve earned.

Health systems are struggling to fully staff crucial mid-revenue cycle roles. A recent Association of Clinical Documentation Integrity Specialists (ACDIS) survey reported that over 75% of respondents feel understaffed. This partnership directly addresses this issue, providing organizations with advanced technology and skilled professionals for increased revenue integrity and team efficiency.

While technology remains a cornerstone to optimizing the mid-revenue cycle, health systems also need highly-skilled staff to capture all opportunities. Iodine’s aim is to empower these sophisticated clinical users to operate at the top of their license by building AI/ML powered solutions that support and augment their abilities. Norwood complements this by providing access to highly-skilled mid-revenue cycle specialists, ensuring optimal use of Iodine’s innovative software.

The collaboration between Norwood and Iodine represents an advancement in mid-revenue cycle operations. The combined expertise of Norwood’s skilled professionals and Iodine’s transformative technologies aims to equip healthcare organizations with the tools they need to thrive in today’s resource-constrained landscape.

About Iodine

Iodine is an enterprise AI company that builds transformative technologies to help healthcare organizations realize the full value of the care provided. Across the clinical revenue cycle, Iodine’s solutions automate complex clinical tasks, create efficiencies, and maximize revenue. The company’s powerful, predictive AI/ML engine emulates the judgment of clinicians by interpreting raw clinical data to generate real-time, highly focused, predictive insights. Clinicians and hospital administrators can leverage these insights to dramatically augment the management of care delivery – facilitating critical decisions, scaling clinical workforces through automation, and improving the financial position of health systems.

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