Artificial Intelligence: Beneficial to CDI and Coding Professionals, but also puts Clinical and Coding Knowledge at Risk of Erosion

artificial intelligence

By Brian Murphy MedPage Today asks: Could AI put clinical knowledge at risk? I’d like to slightly alter the question: Could AI put clinical/coding knowledge at risk, for mid-revenue cycle professionals? I’m intrigued by all things AI. Not just for the obvious reasons (how it works, intellectual property/fair use implications), but also for what AI…

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OM(G2211)! New HCPCS code leaves mid-revenue cycle professionals with lingering uncertainty

HCPCS Code G2211 Impact

By Crystal May, CCS, CPC, CDEO, CPMA, CRC, AAPC Approved Instructor Senior Risk Adjustment Consultant, Norwood     From the beginning, new HCPCS code G2211 has been surrounded by questions, uncertainty, and controversy. G2211 was supposed to be implemented in 2021, with CMS originally stating it would be “a single add-on code describing the work associated…

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Owl by Norwood

If you have an outpatient CDI program, or are hoping to take flight into risk adjustment and value-based care, Owl by Norwood is the software solution you’re looking for. Owl by Norwood sits on top of your EMR and provides all the basic tracking functions a CDI or coding director could ask for, in an…

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New definition of Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA): Coding, auditing, and CDI professionals take note

diabetic ketoacidosis

By Brian Murphy The clinical definition of diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) is changing. CDI and coding professionals take notice. A recent article on Medscape (link below) says a forthcoming definition will “de-emphasize glucose from the diagnostic criteria for DKA, along with many other updates to the last statement on the topic, which was published 14 years…

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The time for risk adjustment coding, outpatient CDI is now

outpatient CDI

By Brian Murphy In my ACDIS days we launched the CCDS-O (outpatient) certification in 2017. The response, while positive, was not nearly the same as the CCDS (inpatient) received in 2009. In hindsight we were ahead of the curve. While risk adjustment was a concern, and a big one for some facilities, for others the…

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Top 10 strategies to land your first coding or CDI job

Brian Murphy I’m a newly-minted CPC-A, but every employer wants a CPC with a couple years of coding experience! What do I do? I’m an RN who wants to leave the bedside and get into CDI, but everyone wants a CCDS! I’m stuck…can you help!?! If these pleas sound familiar to you, well, it’s because…

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You Need a Pediatric CDI Program – Here’s Why 


By Brian Murphy   The pediatric population is not just little adults. Not clinically, and not when it comes to CDI and coding. Think about the extended long lengths of stay in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU) that can range from >128 days due to extreme prematurity, or occasionally up to 2 years, where…

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