The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) requires the certificates listed below. Please click on the product number to retrieve a certificate. Certificates of Compliance apply to CHILDREN'S PRODUCTS (products that are designed or intended primarily for use by children 12 and under). General Conformity Certificates ("GCCs") apply to NON-CHILDREN'S PRODUCTS. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has recently defined what types of NON-CHILDREN'S PRODUCTS require a GCC. Very few Norwood NON-CHILDREN'S PRODUCTS require a GCC. Please visit the following links for details: CPSIA Requirements and Stays of Enforcement and CPSIA FAQ.
Item No. Name
All Coloring Books
All Custom Coloring Books
All All About Me Books
All Crayons
10162 Beach Ball
15762 Clear Zippered Tote
15763 Clear Backpack
30434 The Bank'r with Locking Key
40250 Baby Bib
61675 Mini Hockey Stick